Fenugreek Seeds

We offer our customers a comprehensive range of fenugreek seeds. We are termed as the best whole fenugreek seeds supplier, incepted in India. Here we have Fenugreek available with good and finest quality which is origin from Gujarat, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh.

A plant belonging to the Fabaceae family, fenugreek leaves are used as herb and the seeds as a spice. India is the largest fenugreek producer in the world. We produce and supply fenugreek seeds (Methi) that are yellow amber in color.

It is commonly encountered in global cuisine, in preparations ranging from pickles to maple syrup. Fenugreek has medicinal value in fighting diabetes and cholesterol problems.

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Technical Data Sheet of Fenugreek Seeds

    Product Specifications

    Origin India
    Purity 99.50 %
    Moisture 6% Max
    Total Ash 9.5% Max
    Salmonella Absent / 25Gms

    Why we're different

    UPTO 15-20% LESS USAGE

    Due to quality value of products compared to other, consuming and using our products in your food will reduce your intake by 15-20%.


    Our sorting machines (Buhler Multivision Sortex) allow accurate cleaning for a wide variety of seeds. This process allows other seeds with impurities to be separated from the main seeds.


    Our products are not mixed with others substances nor do we engage in any practice by manipulating a certain quantity of a product to obtain more than that. We providing 100% purity in our products.


    All the products are hygienically packed with the help of our technologically advanced packaging machine. We provide Palletizing Packing with Paper Bags, PP Bags and Big Bags (Jumbo). An air-tight packing is done carefully so that it is moisture free. It keeps our products fresh and bacteria free.


    We have farmer groups, who trained by us. Where we do direct contract farming with them. They help to us for maintain quality of products. Up to 65% of purchases come from those farmer groups.


    Our management team consists of five people, who are experts in each individual area and also capable of achieving good results in a short period of time. Here we are ready to serve you 24 hours a day

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